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Shaping the blocks

June 17, 2012

I did some more work on the blocks, this weekend.  Here, I’m drawing the outline of the violin onto the blocks.  I had to anchor the template down so that it wouldn’t move.


I already had the holes for anchoring the inside part of my template. So I anchored it down and then placed the outside section snugly around it and drilled tiny holes from the outside template into the waste-wood of my corner blocks to keep it in place. Then I removed the inside template and traced a “reduced” pattern onto each block with a washer and a small piece of cardboard.  These lines show where the ribs will go (and therefore, what wood I need to remove from the blocks so that the the ribs can actually go there).


Finally, I got brave enouth to start cutting away the extra wood from the blocks. The spruce had a pleasant smell.  I used some gouges, at first, and then a half-round rasp, and finally some sandpaper wrapped around the handle of some tool I found in my toolbox.


I just had to eyeball it, when determining if my work was square… I might need to touch it up, before I glue anything on.  (I rather wish I had a drill-press sometimes… But then again, I’m marginally scared of power tools anyways, so maybe it’s a useless wish.  ;)  Haha. Well, ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration.)

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