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Outline Comparison (Geometric-Strobel vs. Bisiach-Strobel)

November 11, 2010


I made a 356mm half-drawing of the geometric outline presented by Strobel, and incidentally it was the left side.

Strobel also gives a full-sized half-pattern to use for a template in his “Violin Making” book, which is the right side of the violin (based on, but with modifications, a Stradivarius model violin made by Leandro Bisiach in 1925).

I decided to compare them a bit.  From what I can tell…

They are the same height.  The distances from the top for the lower width, stop, middle width, and upper width are the same.  For the geometric pattern (compared to the Bisiach-Strobel pattern):  The lower bout is very slightly narrower.  (Maybe 1mm…)  The lower corner is about 2.5mm further in and 1.5mm further up. The middle width is about 1mm wider.  The upper corner is about 1mm higher and has tighter curves.  (It might also be in further, but the curve differences make it hard to tell…)  The upper width is about 3mm narrower (and this is just the half-pattern that I’m comparing. The final upper width difference would be 6mm!)

The most significant differences I see are the “C” (because of the corner differences), and the upper bout width.

This is all good and wonderful to know, of course, but, realistically, I’ve only been playing violin for not-quite-2 years, so I wouldn’t actually know which outline would result in a more playable violin or a better sound.

I’m tempted to use the geometric model, just because it’s so cool, but if it varies significantly from other violin shapes I come across I might not.

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